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✨Premium Online Member Boosting - Looks even more real!✨
Offering Discord Server Members Boosting - add bots to your server and increase your member count!

[+] Randomized Names
[+] Randomized Profile Pictures
[+] Always online - boost your online member count!
[+] Pad your member count to attract more people!
[+] Looks even more real, no one will doubt they are bots!
឵឵឵ ឵឵឵ ឵឵឵- Randomized Spotify, Playing , Stream , Custom Status
឵឵឵ ឵឵឵ ឵឵឵Which are scraped from the biggest legit Discord servers.

After you placed the order
Bots will automatically start joining in 5 ~ 10 minutes to the invite link you provided.
you should provide an invite that never expiring to prevent it got expired before all bot joined
if you found any issues please contact our support Immediately

This is "Members" Boosting service, NOT Nitro Boosting

Before you place order, please make sure you have turned off anti-spam/anti-raid Discord Bot such as Beemo or Wick.
if our bots get banned / kicked from the server, we will not provide refill/refund for reason like this.

Price: $4 / 100 members. MONTHLY

Current Limit for one server
Online Members: 3,000

Online Members would be monthly subscription
for reasons such as Server Hosting, Proxy Bandwidth, and software maintenance cost

before order about to expire, we will send you a reminder email, you can renew at anytime via dashboard, 
if you don't renew in time, bots will automatically leave the server.

Renewal prices starting at 20% OFF discount, can go up to 40% OFF depending on how many months you renew. you can renew via the dashboard at anytime, link will send to your email

This is a members boosting service you can boost members in any guild you like
but please do not use it as a raiding service, You will accept not to use our service for any malicious purpose

07 Nov 2022
Quick and easy. fast response.
Verified Purchase
25 Sep 2022
excellent service, very well detailed. their system is really amazing. the automation is really enjoyable, would definitely recommend.
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10 Sep 2022
purchased 1k tokens all work nice seller
Verified Purchase
07 Sep 2022
love this service i will buy more!
Verified Purchase
11 Aug 2022
Verified Purchase
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