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Replacements Policy

Always read product info before buying, double-check the warranty period once you bought account it means you read product info and when asking replacement check whether it is within warranty or not if not you will be blacklisted from my shop that means you did not read product info and pls don't buy again from my shop if you don't have a habit of reading product info.

Have you just purchased from our store and your tokens didn't work?
Don't worry we are here to help!

You're eligible for a replacement if you provide us the following information:

  1. Contact us with your Order Id within the warranty period.
  2. Use our [Free Token Checker] to make sure they're indeed invalid and show us the screenshot. Outputs or logs of any third-party software is not a basis for replacements.

We guarantee, that the delivered tokens are valid upon purchase and grants replacements if the buyer contacts us immediately after the purchase. Furthermore, it is required to use RANKTW’s free checker. Outputs or logs of any third-party software is not a basis for replacements. In fact, if third party software has been used to initially check the validity you endanger your right for a replacement, so use our free software, at least upon initial receipt first.

  • Due to we cannot guarantee or verify the safety of any other tool.
    replacement only possible if the tokens are banned upon purchase.
    Using the tokens in any way will void your warranty, If you need a replacement you should not use them until we offer you the replace
  • Token purchases can NOT be refunded, only replacements are possible due to the nature of the product

In all other cases, we does not grant refunds or replacements of any form.

The two most reliable way is using the checker we [provide] or manually login discord via token in browser by following [this method]

Please do not contact us saying they don't work because you don't get a working tool or you don't know how to use them

Our support server have linked on the seller note which was sent to your email
Open a ticket in the #ticket-📩 channel to receive your replacement

we'll reply as soon as we can.
support may take up to 12-24 hours

You Can Not ask a replacement after you used them

Discord has very advanced detect system if you do any suspicious even manually sending dm, adding friend can account deactivated easily

Do not use FREE PROXY with our tokens
Most of the free proxy are polluted
Discord has a strict proxy checking algorithm, token can get unverified / locked / banned instantly because of that, there will have no replace / refund if you misuse our tokens in this case

if you don't expect token will die after you abuse them then please leave here

Token's lifespan not guaranteed forever
they could last for few hours / few weeks / few months / forever
completely depending on how you using them

you can follow our guidelines [Tips to keep tokens last longer] to make them last longer and ensure you use good quality proxies

if you not sure about this maybe only use half of them to test
don't just use all of them at once.

Don't stock up the tokens "only buy when you need"
because some times it's very rarely happens
Discord made some security update, tokens dead before you can uses
this only happens by very low chance like every 2~3 months

Important: Kindly be informed that Any Queries/Disputes after 24 hours will be rejected.

Product Warranty
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