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Tips to keep tokens last longer

Discord has very advanced detect system if you do any suspicious even manually sending dm, adding friend can account deactivated easily.

if you don't expect token will die after you used them, then please leave here

You are responsible for checking your tokens right after the purchase to ensure all are valid.
If you abuse tokens too hard or used some polluted proxy or detected/patched software,
you can even let their email verified status got removal
so you should always use the checker before you start using tokens with your tool

Token's lifespan not guaranteed forever
they could last for few hours / few weeks / few months / forever
completely depending on how you using them

if you not sure about this, only use a small amount to test
Don't just use all of them at once.

Recommended using premium tools. Especially tools that allow you to use proxies.
Recommended use High-Quality Paid Proxies to make them live longer
Do not use FREE PROXY with our tokens, Most of the free proxies are polluted
Discord has a strict proxy checking algorithm, that will kill your tokens very fast

Recommended List of proxy service

if your tool is proxyless, then you must use very slow settings
or you may risking your Main IP and all your tokens get banned

Tips to keep tokens last longer

These are the easiest to trigger Discord's anti-spam countermeasure. They will be automatically get banned extra fast. You should avoid using those if you wish tokens alive longer:

  • Avoid using DM spam / Friend Requests / DM Advertise
  • Avoid raiding any server that has Partner, Verified Badge, or total members count over 100k or server that has Rules Screening enabled or Server required you wait 10 minutes before you can talk
  • Don't Rapidly Join Servers
  • Don't send messages for prolonged periods of time
  • Don’t use the Hypesquad Changer
  • Don’t use the avatar changer often
  • Don’t use any 3rd party Online scripts
  • Don't use them for any Malicious use, Carding/Fraud Activities, Pishing Activities, Any childporn activities or alike
  • Don’t use some free trash outdated patched tool ex. DiscordHaxx, Discord Raider

If you used for raiding, whatever using proxies or not, they would eventually die.

Don't stock up the tokens "only buy when you need"
because some times it's very rarely happens
Discord made some security update, tokens dead before you can uses
this only happens by very low chance like every 3~6 months