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Discord Raid bot / SelfBot / Tokens Client | +30 Features ⚡ Powerfull

One time Payment for lifetime update & support!

Accepting suggestions, may will add more Features in future!

come join us with 720+ satisfied customers! :)

Vouch & Reviews from our users

  1. When you placed your order join the discord server and create ticket.
  2. When you created ticket please drop your order id and after that we will send you the download within 24 hours


  • Simple right click the Token to copy the Login script ( Login via browser )
  • Custom Rich Presence Image
  • Dark theme
  • Show Avatar on Token
  • Voice Join / Leave
  • Automatic check update
  • Guild Join
  • Guild Leave
  • Guild ChangeNickname
  • Channel Message
  • Direct Message
  • Message spammer
  • Add / Remove Reaction (Emoji)
  • Friend request
  • Friend remove
  • Online Status (Onliner)
  • Game Status [Playing /Streaming /Listening /Watching]
  • Forced set to HypeSquad [Bravery, Brilliance, Balance]
  • Support Http / Socks Proxy
  • Support User/Pass Proxy, format - IP:Port:User:Pass
  • Built-in Proxy checker
  • Support Multi-threaded toggle on / off ( Can Customize Speed)
  • Clean UI
  • Logs view
  • Thread control / viewer
  • Built-in Tokens checker Automatic remove Unverified / Invalid / duplicate tokens
  • Use as many tokens as you want.
  • License System (You will be given a key)
  • You will access private discord support server

This software does NOT have Mass DM function

Required Java 8 Installed -

Please note
if your Operating System language is not English
that may break the program
due to different language's encoding

Simple video showcase made by one of my customer :)

Terms Of Service

  1. All sales are final, you are not entitled to a refund for any non-technical reason.

  2. Any chargeback opens on Paypal without having contact our support will be counted as fraud. you will be instantly get blacklisted from our shop, and automatically getting global blacklist on Sellix platform for making malicious chargebacks

  3. Open a case on Paypal is not the way to contact people, we have already linked our Discord / Telegram on seller note in your email, Please join there for faster response.

  4. You are not entitled to any type of discount or in store credit should you use one of my tool(s) and end up changing your mind sometime later . You cannot "trade in" your access to one tool in order to get a different tool for free or at a discount.

  5. if you do chargeback your money without the approval of support your license will be terminated and all the subscription made on your account will be revoke

  6. We reserve the right to change our Terms of Service at any given time.

Your usage of my software is provided as-is

  1. Don't use my bot for anything it is not explicitly meant to do (i.e. do not buy my tools to try and learn how they work, if you are buying a tool from me you are buying a finished product for your own personal usage).
  2. Don't try to 'crack', 'reverse engineer', or otherwise attempt to extract my source code from my tool
  3. You can not share or resell your access to my software to others. Your license to use my software is provided to you, without the right to do with it what you please

if I found people did any suspicious I have right to banned them without a warning

When using our service, you automatically agree to these terms.

when you bought the tool we will assume you already have experience with this type of tool and have knowledge about proxy

you should not buy a tool like this when you have zero experience with such things

Developed by RANKTW - For educational/testing purposes only.

24 Sep 2021
Verified Purchase
24 May 2021
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17 Aug 2021
hey my last account was terminated can i have a new invite to the discord server also this raid tool is the best on the shop :)
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17 Mar 2021
whats the discord server again?
Verified Purchase
29 Aug 2021
really fastttt
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