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Upgrade - AdvertisingTool

This is for upgrading AdvertisingTool
You must already own the tool otherwise this will not work for you

After you paid copy your order id
then redeem it at

Information about this version

There gonna have a separate version which will be using ChromeDriver

What is this?

This will be using in real browser
no rendering needed its just simply sending http request via chrome
which help tokens last a lot longer
Able to send more than 10 dms without getting banned
if good quality proxy / token / settings you should also able to send more than +100 dms

a simple test result with email verified tokens

the only bad is it probably will use more CPU and load slower compare them before

What happens to the old one?

nothing changes It will still getting update
the only different is they just using different method to sending http requests

How to get it?

To access this version it will cost $20 to upgrade

after you paid copy your order id
then redeem it at
you will get the download instantly!

buying this without owning the AdvertisingTool will not work, so don't share this link with other people

feel free to discuss in #beta-chat if you have any questions


it's highly recommended you use a delay longer as possible
for an example
you using 100 tokens
and change account per message sent
with 30 seconds delay
mean each token itself will have a 50 minutes sleep time before it sending next dm
which help token last a lot longer

Here some test result :

Tested with 1 email verified token with 15 minutes delay
it dead after sending around 30 dms

Tested with 1 email verified token with 30 minutes delay
it sent +60 dms and not banned yet still continue sending more


as being said this will use more CPU compare them before
since it using in real browser
so it highly recommends you should NOT use more than 12 threads
recommend value is 3 ~ 6
unless you got a very good CPU otherwise it gonna very hurt your computer (lags / crash / freeze)

if you want go max speed you should not make the threads higher than your CPU's Cores
you can check it at
Windows -> Task Manager -> Performance -> CPU

please don't like some noobs tell me you got a very good Graphics Card
since no rendering needed so basically GPU effect nothing

This is still under experiment
if you found any issues or bugs please create a ticket to report it

Proxies are required - Support HTTP only
Work on Windows only

(Ignore this if you are not using any VPS / RDP)
In order to run on Windows Server you will need install both file from below to make it work
vc_redist.exe (x86 or x64)

02 Aug 2021
Vouched, really good service!
Verified Purchase
29 May 2021
the beta tool is really good, very worth it guys!
Verified Purchase
11 May 2021
Amazing service, instant delivery, fast support
Verified Purchase
05 May 2021
Verified Purchase