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[ PRIVATE ] ✦ +3 Months Old ⚜ Fully Verified ⚜ Discord Tokens ✦

Fully Verified Discord Tokens

  • Fully Verified - Email + Phone verified
  • HIGHEST level of verification, can speak on any server, no restrictions whatsoever
  • Aged – All tokens aged are above 3 months old
  • Realistic Usernames - Created by actual people - scraped from biggest legit Discord servers
  • Random Profile Pictures - scraped from the biggest legit Discord servers
  • All tokens were verified using a real e-mail address. (Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Private tokens, Never Shared / Resold.

FORMAT: Email : Password : Token

For login account only the [token login method] will work.
password is only used for changing username, email, phone, etc


If you have no experience how to prevent your token from getting banned, You should read the whole SHOP

Blacklisted Tool:

  • DiscordHaxx
    DetailsYes, everyone knows DiscordHaxx is super trash. it could kill tokens almost instantly
  • Raid Toolbox ( RTB )
    Details it's the worst idea to use some discontinue outdated tool like that
    everyone knows discord update their security system and patching those public free tool often
    no surprise if RTB now is a detected/patched tool by now
  • Spamisfun v4.5
    Add friend function is detected/patched
    token dead after adding 1~2 people
  • Nightly
    we have already received many report from people that after they used Nightly tokens almost dead/locked instantly
  • Any crappy free software from youtube
Please Do Not Use any of the tool listed above
They are detected will let your tokens get banned really fast.

Just because it's not on the list, doesn't mean it good.
As it is not possible for us to verify the quality of every open market solution, we only support and recommend [our own tool].

Before you buy if you are new to our shop
Make sure you've read our [Replacements / Refund Policy] and [Tips to keep tokens last longer] for your own sake.
if you contact us the issue of your tokens without reading this YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM OUR SERVICE



  • Generated by our own, unique software, coded exclusively
  • The codebase is being maintained, optimized and extended on a daily basis

Terms Of Service


  • All sales are final, you are not entitled to a refund for any non-technical reason.
  • You are responsible to check the tokens using our Free Checker right after the purchase to ensure all are valid.
  • You will receive a replacement if the tokens are banned upon purchase.
  • In order to receive a replacement, you need to contact us within 12 hours after your purchase if any come out invalid!
  • Once you have the tokens, they are all yours. Not my responsibility.
  • You are aware that Discord takes very seriously on this if you used some patched tool killed your tokens there will have no refund/replacement.
  • We are NOT associated with discord.(com), and we are not representing them.
  • We reserve the right to change our Terms of Service at any given time.
By buying this product, you automatically agree to these terms.

Before contacting us regarding any invalid tokens you may have encountered using an outdated tool
( Discord was very active on patching those tool and some of the trash tool not even support to check if it was phone verified or not they only will check email)
Please Make Sure use our [Token-Checker] to check your tokens make sure they're indeed invalid.


Telegram: @RANKTW
Support Server:
News Channel:

I don't use those Forums often if you wish to contact me please use Telegram



If you have like no experience with token and proxy stuff please leave my shop
Leave here if you are less than 17 years old, I'm not welcome people that don't know how to use their brain. Thanks :)

Before you buying if you are still new to our shop
You should aware that Discord takes very seriously on this, Discord have very advanced detect system if you do any suspicious even manually sending dm, adding friend can account deactivated easily

Always use our Free Token Checker or Manually logging in discord with a token in browser to check they are invalid or not.

Replacement only possible if the tokens are banned upon purchase.

Check tokens immediately after purchase by using our [Free Checker].
Any Queries/Disputes after 12 hours will be rejected.

Outputs or logs of any third-party software is not a basis for replacements.
In fact, if third party software has been used to initially check the validity
you could endanger your right for a replacement, so use our free software, at least upon initial receipt first.
We do not offer replacements if you misuse the tokens and we are not responsible for the actions you take with tokens.

Discord token is for Advanced Users only

Due to we cannot guarantee or verify the safety of any other tool.
so this type of product has no warranty. Sold as-is.
token's lifespan not guaranteed forever
they could last for few hours / few weeks / few months / forever
completely depending on how you using them
if you are not sure about this you can use few tokens to test first not just use all of them at once

Only use the "Tool" we recommended or use as Personal account in browser [How to login discord via token]

HQ proxies are not an option, they are a requirement.
failure to ensure proper use is not our responsibility, and purchased tokens will not be refunded.

Replacement Instructions

In order to get a replacement, you have to join our Discord/Telegram support
which can be found on the seller note in your email

Make sure always provide your order id when you contact us
so we can know who are you and it's for which order

More Info

Any dispute/case open on Paypal or leaving a neg feedback without having contact our support will be counted as fraud, malicious transaction

You will be permanently blacklisted from our shop, All your info will be share with other sellers and automatically getting global blacklist on the Sellix platform for making malicious chargebacks attempt to get products for free.
Don't think you can get away easily from this

Product Warranty
Click for more info