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Frequently Asked Questions


Sent the Payment but Order is cancel due to out of stock.

The product will be send to you after restock ( usually within 24 hours )
if not please contact the support with your order id.

I paid with BTC but I haven't received the purchased item yet.

If you paid via Bitcoin you should wait till 1 confirmation
the confirmations speed is depending on the network fees you paid
it will take at least 10-15 minutes, sometimes it could take up to 1 hour
we will cannot speed up this process as we don't have control to it
if you wish it faster
we will recommend you use Litecoin (LTC) or Solana (SOL) in future for low transaction fees (> $0.1) and fast confirms speed

then product will be delivered to your spam/all mails/every other section.
if still nothing please contact us with your order id.

Can I pay with PayPal?

We've been trying to set up smooth functioning of PayPal for a long time, but unfortunately didn't manage to do it, too many issues there.

We are very sorry to inform you that we cannot accept PayPal in any form - neither direct payments nor payments through the site
Asking will be ignored.

Members Boosting

Invite count missing

Please aware Invite Tracker bot don't show correct number most of the time
if the bot is offline while users are joining then it won't be count
if users join too fast it won't be counted too

the only way to verify how many users are joined is check via the server dashboard

Order is completed, but Members not in Server

our system will only count if the bot is successfully joined and discord return a 200 response
that's how the system works, you would never see any "human error"
Issues like this usually are due to two possible reasons from the buyer side

  1. Server owner is mostly using some anti-raid bot auto kicking/banning our bots, for an example if user don't verification within 5 mins after joined

    • You should not use Anti-Raid spam bots such as Beemo or Wick.
      This kind of bots will kick the members and the order will be marked as completed.
  2. When you create Invite you should NOT enable this.

Discord Tokens

How often you restock?

We restock every day,
you can subscribe to this channel for restock notification.