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Replacement Instructions

All tokens are checked before restocking, therefore there is a 0.001% chance you will received a token banned upon purchase. if you found all tokens invalid 99.999% mean you doing something wrong

if you have any doubt then follow the instruction on our shop provide the screenshot of you use "our token checker" ONLY to check those tokens

Please aware that:

  1. Outputs or logs of any third-party software will be ignored.
  2. Using the tokens in any way will void your warranty, If you need a replacement you should not use them until we offer you the replace.
  3. Any Queries/Disputes after 12 hours of your purchase will be rejected.

Buying Tokens at your own risk without warranty, Including but not limited to:

  1. Using any 3rd-praty software other than Discord's official client at your own risk.
  2. Abuse the account cause it get banned.
  3. Used multiple accounts on same IP address. included using polluted free proxy
Product Warranty
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